Snow play the special needs way

I have been getting pitches one after another for winter sports gear. I sigh and delete most of them thinking “not going to work for us.” Then I remembered that there are other special needs families who live in areas where the white stuff falls and sticks around for this season I’ve heard about called Winter. We have Fall, Rain and then More Rain and Summer here. I got a nice list of items from a new site,, a site “dedicated to kids’ activities with an amazing lineup of sports gear, dance wear, bikes & scooters, and athletic footwear and apparel for all seasons.” They are giving all new shoppers of the site can receive 30% off their first purchase throughout this holiday season.

I pulled out the snow play toys, aka winter sports gear, and highlighted how it can be used for enhance your child’s chilly time. Fluffy wants every single one. She’s an adrenaline junkie when it comes to going fast downhill. Bear just likes to be pulled around in circles for about 6 minutes, then come back inside for cartoons.

sledding special needs kids winter activity

Flexible Flyer Snow Screamer Stiga Classic Snow Racer Keeper Sports SnowDaze Cool Ride Tube (52-Inch Diameter) Flexible Flyer Large Flexible Flyer Baby Sleigh Mountain Boy Sledworks Mountain Boggan 6-Foot Toboggan Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled

Now scurry on to to get your 30% off one of these awesome toys.

Shamelessly, I have included my Amazon links because our diaper bills are soaring.

I have not been compensated by for this post. I just really liked the toys.

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