my face still hurts

Whine whine whine. It was less than two weeks ago but it feels like a century since my left cheek began swelling. One night, I thought I had something stuck between my teeth . The next morning, my face was puffy and tender. After a few days of this, I called my doctor. Who then sent me to my dentist. Which I did not have one. So I found one and he sent me to an endodontist. Because NOTHING is ever simple with me. There I am, with my left cheek puffed out but no fever, no redness. The pain is at the tippy top of my upper jaw. It was not easy to tell if it was in my jaw or sinus. The dentist’s xray did not show any decay. Just my mouth full of amalgam. It took the endodontist’s high-tech 3D xray to see the nastiness.

decayed molar, tooth 15 abscess

Apparently this image is the golden ticket to a root canal. I am currently on enough Penicillin to cure a small village of the clap but it’s not enough to get this little pocket of infection cleared out. I get to start a second course to make sure it’s gone in time for my surgery next week. I need to buy stock in Monistat.

It’s surprising to me how a localized pain in my mouth has knocked me out of commission. I can’t focus on the screen to get my pending projects done. The aching interrupts my thought processes. I have been writing this post for hours. I can’t get a good night’s sleep. I should ask for pain meds but you know how I feel about narcotics.

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