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this is me lately.

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Fluffy has made her job – once again – to push all my buttons. At least it seems that way. My rational brain knows it is her way of manipulating the situation into a more comfortable one. One where she gets every damn thing she wants when she wants.

Mike and I have made it a point as parents to teach our children to follow the rules. No one would call us strict but we don’t cater to them. No matter how many times the short person asks, the answer stays the same. Negotiating doesn’t work. Whining brings on more disdain. Arguing is a quick trip to Timeouttown.

Our daughter has lived with these rules for 455 weeks. You couldn’t tell. Other people will attest to our consistency with these boundaries. It’s not new that once you’re told to do your chores, you’re not going to get out of them by asking to take a shower.

Unless you are my daughter. Everyday, it’s a new opportunity to learn these tenets of our home. Every freaking day.

Case in point: Last night- T-minus 5 minutes to bedtime

ME: Bedtime is in 5 minutes. If you’re still hungry, come and get some more dinner now.
FLUFFY: *silence as she looks at an ad circular, a slight flinch of recognition is detected*
ME: Bedtime is in 5 minutes. If you’re still hungry, come and get some more dinner now.
More nothing. So I put dinner away.
ME: You need to go to bed.
ME: (voice increased, tone flat) Time to go to bed!
FLUFFY: Can I sleep with you?
ME: Nope, I have work to do and I won’t be going to bed for several hours.
And she remains on the sofa for several more minutes.
ME: Go to bed now or you will go to bed 30 minutes earlier tomorrow. (predetermined consequence for stalling at bedtime)
FLUFFY: *insert long whine* AaaHHHHHhh….. grumble mumble
Fast forward through tuck ins and kisses to 15 MINUTES LATER
The house is closed for the night. Mom is working.
FLUFFY: I’m still hungry, can I something to eat?

What in the hell! This type of stuff is happening every night. Every day. She is forever testing the boundaries that NEVER change.

Is this an ADHD thing? Is it a stubborn as a mad mule in May thing? HELP!


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    I wonder if it's ADD related or a combination of attention deficit and stubbornness. My oldest used to do that kind of thing ALOT and push until he got his way because he was so insistent that he was hungry and so unrelenting. Usually, he just got bread or crackers. Good news is that he doesn't do it anymore. He's 12. How old is yours?

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    This is a SOME kid thing. My daughter is like this. My son, not at all. Same house, same rules. One kid stubborn like one parent, one easygoing like the other… not gonna say which is which.

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