My Ford experience

ford, ford blogher,ford cars,ford manufacturing,ford fusion hybrid,ford taurus,blogher 2009It’s been 6 weeks since I toured the Ford plant in Chicago. better late than never, right?

There is so much to tell you that I can’t think of it all. Here are some bullet points:

  • Virtual assembly ergonomic planning- awesome!
  • I was impressed that there is a union rep (non-employee) on the floor at all times.
  • The plant is seamlessly efficient.
  • Their assembly standards are superior. If any of the machines or computers do not detect a step in sequence or a measurement is not to spec, that car will not leave the plant.
  • Ford innovation is remarkable.
  • Parking assist, I need that.
  • Seat warmers I can live without.

If a photo doesn’t make sense, ask and I will try to explain it!


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