Crocheting like a mother

Oh hai blog! It’s been a long time. Life gets in the way. Business is going well. Home life as work in progress as ever. I’ve come a long way in therapy. A new psychiatrist and a new therapist have helped me get out of the valley of depression. I have gotten better at heading off anxiety attacks, too. Xanax is still part of the equation but less so during the day.

My new scheme is a lot of crochet with Zynga games on deck. Boy howdy, do I mean a lot of crochet.
pink yarn crochet
I have baby hats, baby blankets, kids hats, phone pockets, Nook pockets, blankets that are weird shapes, and purses that need to be finished. It’s busy work to the nth degree. I have to modify my hooking (hee hee, hooking) method to accommodate my arthritic hands. I have found the overhand way to work best. I should make a video of how I yarn over and such, it’s totally off the grid. it doesn’t matter because I can make stuff.
 yarn bin
I have found that I am more sensitive to textures that I thought. I have had to ditch several skeins of yarn because the simply didn’t feel right. Red Heart Super Saver makes my skin crawl. Bernat Softee Chunky is comforting. Cascade Yarn‘s Pacific superwash merino is sublime.
bernat softee chunky crochet blanket
Crochet is a good balance of design and linear thinking. There are many stitches, patterns and colors to choose from but they heed to be done a specific way to accomplish the desired object. I think it’s also good to have no electronic hobbies. I was knitting this winter. I just can’t get into a steady rhythm or feel a sense of accomplishment with needles.
lion brand hometown usa crochet wrap
This week I perfected two advanced stitches (foundation single crochet and foundation double crochet) and crocheting a tube. It’s as exciting as you’re thinking. I don’t need any additional excitement in my life right now. I need a pick-up-and-go craft to take my mind off life for a while.


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    Super Red Heart is horrible yarn. I don't like how it doesn't slide over my fingers.

    Inevitably, when I take one of the men folks to the store to pick out yarn for a project, they ALWAYS pick SRH.

    Even my super-frugal [read: broke] side can't justify buying it.

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