weird kids in our little trailer park

zombie child hungry

I’m sure there is something socioeconomic I could look up to explain the higher than normal volume of atypical children in our low-rent area. I do’t really care about the numbers. After all, I do live in a trailer park. Our neighborhood consists of two streets of 20 manufactured homes each. Surrounding are rundown townhouses […]

the office

or: a gallon of gasoline and a match was a better idea Like that lettering? Check out Spell with flickr Mission: Clean and re-organize office space Objective: Fluffy needs a desk to do homework, we need storage space for food preservation and to let the carpet breathe again. This will never happen again! I don’t […]

Damn, power’s out

Thanks to a mighty windstorm, our power is out. Yes, I paid the bill and the rest of the neighborhood is dark. It clicked off right after my alarm this morning. That* would be 5:45 a.m. my time. I stayed in bed about ten minutes hoping it would come back on or the school would […]


When watching children’s movies, it’s best not to think too hard. This concept is much easier said than done. It is safe to say that the movies we have been watching this past week are not tailored for the 12 and over demographic. Despite this glaringly obvious fact, I feel compelled to write reviews on […]