I should stay off Twitter during campaign season

@mamikaze I’ll guarantee u nobody wants anything 2 do with your ‘BitsAndParts’ . Just use them responsibly. #TCOT — strathroymom (@strathroymom) August 30, 2012 @mamikaze Major religion in WHAT country? I don’t mind the moderate, the radical – yeah, I MIND!#GrabARugOhWaitUrFemaleNVM @usahipster — MC2U (@mamacat2u) August 30, 2012

i am smarter than you

I am smarter than you, deal with it

Thank you for affirming my intelligence Your categorical assumptions make my display of easy-to-locate information shine You have heard about it I have read the back story of both sides I debate these topics regularly with higher quality opponents Bring it I can get to the data lightning fast because I have an enormous memory for facts Facts You think […]

kiss my mother Facebooking ass

social media, working online all day

If I spent any more time with my kids, they would run away from home.  They are with my more hours than they are not. Through the miracle of modern technology, I can can also post regularly on Facebook and Twitter. Writing about the wacky PR pitch about pretty nipples (I shit you not) is […]