Captain America: The Winter Soldier review

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

In Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” Steve Rogers teams up with Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, to battle a powerful yet shadowy enemy in present-day Washington, D.C. I admit I was very skeptical going into this film. I didn’t have much hope after the way Captain America fizzled in The Avengers. As a fangirls […]

spending more time on tumblr

mamikaze tumblr

I have been blogging on tumblr again for a few months. I can mix my politics, nerdiness, and other topics in one place. I like replying to other’s posts and reading comments from strangers. There is a Disqus (the only commenting option, boo) box on each post so you can comment if you don’t have […]

If you’re not that guy, don’t be that guy

that guy

Dating is especially hard when you are a person with any sort of traumatic past. Also, if you are a person with standards. Combine the two and having a virtual sorting hat is helpful. It doesn’t keep the creeps or socially inept (raising my hand) away, though. I don’t tell my life story on my […]

Clam Chowder without bacon

I don’t always have bacon in the fridge. Also, I have vegetarian friends who eat seafood, so I adapted my previous recipe. This uses canned clams because cleaning tiny clams doesn’t really make a difference in the taste. I’ve done it both ways many times. This is a kid-friendly recipe. Young children can add ingredients […]

Podcast of lists 2013

Like last year, I’m typing them in the categorical order they are in my BeyondPod list. Click the title to get the site. MSNBC Rachel Maddow Tech News Today Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4 Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me TBTL: Too Beautiful To Live Judge John Hodgman Professor Blastoff NSFW Show WNYC’s […]