Product Review $50 admin fee

Product Review with giveaway $100 admin fee

Admin fees are compensation for my time creating photos, videos and all opinions of products are 100% mine. I do not guarantee positive reviews. All reviews include what I like and do not like about the product.
Keywords are available for sidebar placement only. Banner ads in posts only one advertiser will be placed in each place and any Adsense boxes in that area will be removed.

Top of Site:

  • 728 x 90 – Leaderboard banner ad (top of site on all posts): $150/month, $300/quarter

In Content:

  • $150/month, $300/quarter
    • 468 x 60 – Full horizontal banner (between post and comments all posts and in RSS feed)
  • $100/month, $200/quarter
    • 234 x 60 – Half banner (below comments in all posts):
    • 125 x 125 – Square button or 120 x 240 Vertical banner (in all posts content above the fold and in RSS feed)


  • 150 x 150 – Square button (single sidebar width placed above the fold) $50/month, $100/quarter
  • 234 x 60 Half banner (Double sidebar width above the “about me” box): $100/month, $200/quarter
  • Keywords in sidebar: $25 per link/month

Payments Option

Payments are due before the date of publishing.
At this time, I only accept payments via PayPal.

Advertising Guidelines

  • no refunds,
  • advertisements geared to women, moms, children, families only
  • no landing pages to porn sites
  • all users must land on the same page
  • ads must be grammatically correct
  • ads cannot offend based on race, gender, sexual preference, disability
  • no spam ads

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